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Benchmade Knife Company Wins American

Aug 18, 2023

Benchmade Knife Company (Benchmade) receives the American-Made Knife of the Year® award for the 748 Narrows™ at Blade Show 2023. Since its recent debut, the brand-new 748 Narrows™ has garnered attention amongst fans of ultra-light everyday carry, hyper-engineered design, and proprietary technology that utilizes the highest quality steel and materials available. Benchmade celebrates this recognition from BLADE Magazine at Blade Show because of the brand’s unwavering dedication to innovating American-made knives.

“The Narrows™ pushes the envelope of what we thought was possible. From the intricately machined titanium frame to the redesigned AXIS® lock, we are proud of the result,” says Benchmade President and CEO Jon deAsis. “We are honored and humbled to be recognized by our peers in the knife community. This award reinforces our dedication to innovating and pushing what’s expected in an everyday carry tool.”

Benchmade set out to create a full-sized knife as light as possible without compromising the integrity and dependability of the piece. The Narrows™ bridges the gap between engineering and modern materials. A challenging knife to make, Benchmade did not lose sight of the goal while crafting this piece. Benchmade’s team completely redesigned the AXIS® lock that functions without liners and omega springs and instead uses a torsion spring. At 2.40 ounces, the Narrows™ is 33-percent thinner than the Bugout, with two times the break strength.

Blade Show represents the annual gathering of the knife and cutlery industry. The tradeshow epitomizes the craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology that knife people expect from trusted and carried brands. Every year, Blade Show is a moment for the brand and Benchmade’s friends to come together to introduce new designs and celebrate the industry. Benchmade strives to tackle new challenges, introduce fresh designs, implement eye-catching materials into products, and pioneer new technologies.

“Being recognized by those that dedicate their lives to knife craft is a significant moment for us,” says Benchmade VP of Marketing and Product Joe Prebich. “The Narrows™ pushed us to go further than ever before. This award shows us that the knife community thought the same of our American-made design, and our team is motivated and driven to continue down this exciting path of innovation. Personally, I’m excited to see what the team builds next.”

The Benchmade 748 Narrows™ is available now at For more information, please direct media inquiries to Max Inchausti at [email protected].

About Benchmade: Benchmade Knife Company is a premier knife manufacturing company headquartered in Oregon City, Oregon. With a focus on innovation and customer needs, Benchmade takes pride in combining skilled craftsmanship with precision manufacturing to produce knives for the world’s elite.

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